White Women
A video by Loulou Cherinet, 52 min. 2002

Eight African men are sitting around a circular table.The men have just enjoyed an excellent dinner. One aftyer the other, they tell stories about white women. With: Abdoulie Ndow, Hassan Bah, Henok Asbe, Ismael Fatty, Rishala
Ndiayé, Tarik Demissie, William Ddumba, Viveca Motsieloa, Yahya Thune

"-That's a long story you know. Because the black man's dream, all his life, is to fuck a blonde. To go to bed with a white woman. It doesn't matter if she's a Swede, an Italian or American or whatever.
- You are generalizing! No! Not all black men. There are some black men who doesn't want to have...
- I agree with you. You should never generalize. There are always exeptions.
-Yes, mm... one out of hundred."

Loulou Cherinet
was born in 1970 to an Ethiopian father and a Swedish mother. She has lived and worked in Indonesia, USA, Sweden and Ethiopia. Since 1993 she has exhibited her work in a dozen countries around the world. She holds a degree from Addis Ababa University School of Fine Art & Design and is currently studying at the Royal University of Fine Arts in Stockholm.
Loulou Cherinets work affiliates to the documentary. But it is a documentary that is arranged through deliberate staging. She focus on providing conditions for truth-telling moments and draws the attention towards the cultural translations made by its receivers. Her work moves in a minefield of prejudice, preconceived notions and clichés where the private and intimate connects with political realities and stories bear obvious micro political significance."

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