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    "Work on/in (the) Public"
a poster series by Klub Zwei, 2002

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"Work on/in (the) Public" is a poster series in 9 languages - Turkish, Slovenian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Polish, German, Russian and English - realized by Klub Zwei in cooperation with MAIZ, Autonomous Center for Migrant Women, Linz/Austria; postersize 33 x 24"

"Work on/in (the) Public" criticizes the idea of one monolithic public sphere. The project aims to demount its dominance, to support and interconnect public spheres that are denied visibility and importance in Austrian society. "Work on/in (the) Public" attempts an egalitarian cooperation between majority and minority women. At the same time we know about the difficulty to deal with differences. "Equality" remains utopian, as long as one enjoys social and political rights that the other is denied.

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