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    "a.k.a (also known as) - notes for a short film"
a project by Marco Poloni

    12e.   Close on man.

"The work takes the form of notes for a short film which I actually do not intend making. The film describes the life of a multiple man. His typology corresponds to the identikit of the terrorist of a dormant cell, as it has been fabricated by western media. This man leads a studious and discreet life. He acts undercover under different aliases.
I constructed this story by stalking a number of different men in berlin, who bear some resemblence to the identikit.

The text at the bottom of each image provides technical indications: - scene number, location and time information, - type of shot, camera movements and othe technical indications, - description of action (in italics).

Abbreviations: POV = point of view, EXT/INT = exterior/interior"