alien - video library
a project by Heidrun Holzfeind

The alien project is a growing collection of video and film works dealing with the issue of migration and borders. It is presented as a combination of the video library / archive (on "self service stations") and in various screening programs of selected works. see shows

The selected works range from art videos to experimental and documentary films. They reflect on aspects and effects of globalization, the flow of goods, capital and labor, and question political and cultural notions of borders, nationality and our definitions of "alien" and "the other".
The program is a personal selection of works of artists and film makers examining these issues. It is to be understood as work in progress which aims to raise awareness and discussion.

The issue of migration with all its political and social aspects - immigrant experiences, racism, prejudices against foreigners, work/labor exploitation - has become more urgent through recent political events: the rise of right wing governments, the increased influence of nationalist parties and the discussion of new immigration policies in Europe and the US.